When you can’t afford to be silent any longer

I’m just going to leave this here for a minute for you to read –

Letter to the editor: Student Life has had enough of hateful graffiti

It didn’t take long after it posted when the first comment came:
“why would someone whose primary pastime is hateful graffiti care what Student Life has to say about their hateful graffiti?”

I can’t speak for anyone else who has their name on the letter, but I can say I don’t care what the perpetrator thinks. This is about showing our Emerson family, our community that we care. I want anyone who feels hurt or victimized to know that we love them unconditionally. We have to express to our community that we as administrators feel it, too… and we recognize people are silently hurting from vandalism.

I’ve wanted to tweet this for weeks: “Listen assholes, the next one of you who scribbles racist & hateful graffiti on our campus will answer to me.”

But I didn’t. Something held me back.
In a uncharacteristic Jason moment, I didn’t stick my neck out there. I was hesitant to say this. I was afraid of the reaction of other administrators and other professionals I’ve connected with all over the US. Was I overstepping my bounds? Would a more measured and gentle response get more traction?

Yesterday was enough.

I’m proud of our office for saying something with passion and caring. I’m proud of us for sticking our necks out in a vulnerable and honest way. I’m proud of us for standing up for love and respect.

Today I’m proud to encourage discussion and look forward to the conversations that follow… conversations that happen face to face and those that happen in digital space. Because at the end of the day, love is louder. Let’s trump hate with love.

When you can’t afford to be silent any longer

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