This is just a note

There are many things I’m good at in this world:

  • Making snide comments
  • Summarizing my feelings in 140 characters or less
  • Playing video games
  • Forgetting to call my mother on Mother’s Day
  • Not knowing my parent’s birthdays
  • Burning garlic while trying to saute something

There are many things I”m not good at… one of those is writing notes. You know – little handwritten notes to someone you appreciate. Or, maybe its to someone you don’t appreciate. Just because. Sometimes they’re for birthdays (although I won’t remember it if you’re not on Facebook).

You see, my handwriting is bad. I can’t live without spell check. Those squiggly red lines don’t appear on a card that I’m writing. What is a boy like me to do?

Well, I’m doing it anyway.
If you want a card this summer, let me know (in fact, there’s one in the mail right now).

I’m putting at least two cards in the mail every week all summer. One of those could be for you. Just email me, tweet me or facebook me your mailing address. I’ll surprise you at some point over the summer.

Just don’t judge my handwriting or my speeling.

This is just a note

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