What makes you happy?

The last five days were a blur of activity, laughter, and joy.

As the Coordinator for the National Association for Campus Activities Programming Basics Institute (#nacapbi), I had the pleasure of working with four institute staff members from all across the US, countless student leaders and a committed group of staff advisors who accompanied their students. While it was a whirlwind of work and chaos, I can’t imagine a more lovely (or recharging) few days. But that isn’t what this post is about –

After a conversation one evening, my roommate and new friend Dan proclaimed “NACA makes me happy.” Dan had the biggest grin on his face. It was electric. This was true joy.

And I wondered, what makes me that happy? What puts a grin like that on my face? What could possibly give me that much joy?

I don’t have an answer yet… but I’m close. In the meantime, talk to me: What makes you happy? 

What makes you happy?

8 thoughts on “What makes you happy?

  1. Edie says:

    I will come up with a more thoughtful response to share, but for now, the tags on this blog post make me very happy! 🙂

  2. My happiness often comes from others – meeting new people, having great conversations and learning something new. What takes more work is being happy in the absence of all of this, and deriving joy from reflecting on and remembering these moments. I’m happiest when I’m busiest, but that same level of activity can also burn me out. Working on my intrinsic happiness these days – my ‘joy tank’ has been filling up a lot lately and I’m very grateful. 🙂

    1. That busy time, that meeting of new people… it can be intoxicating!

      The people I’ve met in these times (you included) are certainly some of the things that make me the happiest.

  3. I’m happiest feeling like I’m achieving something and that people are cheering me on. Is that so millennial? Perhaps, but it’s who I am. For example, today during pilates class every muscle was burning, but I kept pushing hard and the instructor said, “Good, Dan-NAH (she’s Polish)!” I felt so confirmed that yes, I am doing the right thing, and yes, I can keep going. So whether it’s fitness or work or whatever, I am happiest when I am in a community of support.

    1. I like feeling successful.
      It’s an ego thing.

      From running to academics to my job… being good at it makes me happy.

      I’m the most Gen X guy you’ll ever meet (I’m the anti-Millennial)… but I still like the satisfaction of kicking ass.

  4. Elin says:

    My happiness comes a lot from the smiles and giggles from my nieces and nephews. Seeing their face light up when they see me after a long absence makes me smile. Just picturing them and knowing I will see them this week is making me grin from ear to ear.

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