Slowing it down

In January 2013, I loudly proclaimed this to be the year of #Slow.

Deciding on my OneWord 2013 wasn’t something I did carelessly. This was a thoughtful, deliberate (and I might I add, SLOW) process. I wanted the right word to guide me, to give me direction and to give me a reason to pause. My OneWord was something I felt I had earned. After years of work to get where I am now, I deserved to move slowly.

#Slow it was, and #slow it wasn’t.

Foolish Jason thought – “OH! I’ve been in Boston long enough to know my job, my city and myself. I should slow down and enjoy it.”

Foolish Jason thought – “OH! Because I’ve decided things are going to be slow and peaceful, that they’ll just be that way.”

Foolish Jason thought – “OH! Since I want to reflect on how I got to this place in my life, everyone else will let me do it.”

These things were categorically false.

Just because you want something to happen doesn’t mean outside forces won’t hamper your efforts. I’m not saying I failed to live up to my OneWord, but I don’t think I fully grasped the reality of what it meant to be #slow. I naively thought others would help me do this. Because I put it out there in the world (and painted on a canvas that has sat on my desk), the world would let this happen with ease.

So, on my last day of work of 2013, I think about how I moved… sometimes slowly, sometimes running so fast I lost my breath. There were times I enjoyed where I was, but there were times I was forced to run faster than anyone else in the same vicinity. It was a year of fast and slow, a year that pushed me beyond my emotional and physical limits.

For the next 11 days, I plan on being very slow, spending time with my friends and family. I’ve got 11 days left to be slow. Let’s be slow together.

Here’s to a wonderful 2013.

Slowing it down

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