Why #icebreakers will be the end of Student Affairs

It’s Spring Break… a time of the year where Student Affairs professionals finally get around to doing the things we say we’re going to do all year. For me, that’s cleaning.

In cleaning the office yesterday, I stumbled upon a gem – a box labeled “ABRIS – Adventure Based Resource Index System” full of 3×5 laminated index cards. As best as I can tell, this is from 1991 and proof for me that Student Affairs is doomed.

These dainty, colorful index cards contain ice breakers and team builders “designed to save valuable planning time, offer refreshing new material and provide you with hundreds of programming hours.” Yes, that’s a direct quote from their website.

So what does this refreshing new material include? Well, frankly, it includes things that will get you fired today.

Love Handle Tag

That’s right. Love Handle Tag. Because holding someone’s hips from behind them has been appropriate behavior since 1991.

Albanian Dwarfs

Albanian Dwarfs. While I’d like to give them credit for the grammatically correct use of dwarfs vs dwarves, it’s still just wrong. Just wrong.

Butt Bounce

The Butt Bounce. Nothing beats a good “double-barreled Butt Bounce” with a bunch of strangers.

Tingling Touch

Ahhhhh… Tingling Touch. No better way to kick off a workshop with whispering soothing words with every exhale.

So there you have. Adventure Based Resource Index System – a surefire way to discredit what we do as student affairs practitioners and an even quicker way to ensure a trip to HR to talk about those awkward “games” you play at meetings.

Why #icebreakers will be the end of Student Affairs

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