About Me

Answering the question “Tell us a little bit more about yourself” is the most daunting of all interview questions.
The first thing you say should be the most important thing about you. With that much pressure on the line, I tend to either fail or say something really bombastic.

“My name is Jason and my New Year’s Resolution is to eat more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”

Also, during the day I work in Higher Education at Emerson College in Boston, have a lot of opinions about the field of Student Affairs, think about the intersection of social media with activism and sometimes I’m witty.

At night I am a complete music & food snob, avid observer of pop culture and try to be a semi-decent son to #BobAndCindy.

Most of the time I’m just a jerk but every now and then I can surprise you.

And most of the time I’m incapable of taking a good photo, so please don’t ask for a headshot.


Thanks for reading. Drop me a comment. Tell me a story.
Just don’t bore me.

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