What makes you happy?

The last five days were a blur of activity, laughter, and joy.

As the Coordinator for the National Association for Campus Activities Programming Basics Institute (#nacapbi), I had the pleasure of working with four institute staff members from all across the US, countless student leaders and a committed group of staff advisors who accompanied their students. While it was a whirlwind of work and chaos, I can’t imagine a more lovely (or recharging) few days. But that isn’t what this post is about –

After a conversation one evening, my roommate and new friend Dan proclaimed “NACA makes me happy.” Dan had the biggest grin on his face. It was electric. This was true joy.

And I wondered, what makes me that happy? What puts a grin like that on my face? What could possibly give me that much joy?

I don’t have an answer yet… but I’m close. In the meantime, talk to me: What makes you happy? 

What makes you happy?