How I stopped being bothered & started listening

It’s August.
I get it. You’re busy. I know you are. We all are. And that’s my rub.

I won’t lie.
Every time I saw a higher ed person tweet or update their Facebook status about how busy they were, I’d roll my eyes and wonder if they had any idea about what career field they were in. I’d go on a mental rant about how ridiculous it was to see my newsfeed flooded with the exact same garbage from so many people. I’d imagine my snarky responses to all of them.

I was so annoyed at people proclaiming how hard their jobs were in the month of August and September. I rationalized if all of these professionals spent less time complaining about how busy they were, they’d have more time to do their job and get home at an earlier hour.

This week, I checked myself. After swimming in so much negativity, I had no idea why I was tired and crabby all of the time. After a night out with some Squirrelfriends on Tuesday, I realized this was getting to me. I had to check myself.

People post whatever they want on Facebook and Twitter because they need to…

  • They need to get something off their chest
  • They need to encourage themselves
  • They need some assistance
  • They need someone to understand
  • They need someone to listen

Instead of over-reacting, I had to realize people are doing what they need to do. We all walk a hard road. People post how busy they are because they need someone to hear them… not someone to judge them. I can be a part of their solution, or I can be a tired brat.

While I’ll always be a brat, I choose to be a positive force.

How I stopped being bothered & started listening

What makes you happy?

The last five days were a blur of activity, laughter, and joy.

As the Coordinator for the National Association for Campus Activities Programming Basics Institute (#nacapbi), I had the pleasure of working with four institute staff members from all across the US, countless student leaders and a committed group of staff advisors who accompanied their students. While it was a whirlwind of work and chaos, I can’t imagine a more lovely (or recharging) few days. But that isn’t what this post is about –

After a conversation one evening, my roommate and new friend Dan proclaimed “NACA makes me happy.” Dan had the biggest grin on his face. It was electric. This was true joy.

And I wondered, what makes me that happy? What puts a grin like that on my face? What could possibly give me that much joy?

I don’t have an answer yet… but I’m close. In the meantime, talk to me: What makes you happy?¬†

What makes you happy?